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Mikro Kapital Sàrl is a Luxembourg based securitisation fund management company - part of General Invest Group.

Our principal activity is to register and manage securitization funds investing in Russia & CIS countries attracting short-term and medium-term investments issuing Euro Medium Term Notes, bonds and shares to institutional, professional and well informed investors.

Among others, Mikro Fund is the main product on which we focus since inception in 2008. Investing in loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, directly through own regional network or through third parties, local microfinancial institutions, leasing companies, banks or credit cooperatives we provide to our investors short or medium term investment, decorrelated from financial market in a profitable and socially responsible business segment, supporting the economic development and the diversification of Russia and CIS countries such as Belarus, Moldova and Armenia.

Thanks to our team including specialists from seven different countries, various cultures and religions, Mikro Kapital became one of the top 200 asset management company operating in Luxembourg, top 10 specialized in Russia and CIS countries.